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AnTuTu’s Android Performance List for July Released

Though there were too many smartphones launched in July, the total amount of flagship models were less than in July. Regardless of the fact when they have been announced and released, they all appeared on AnTuTu’s Android Performance List for July. That’s why the list has changed a lot. Note: ...

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AllCall S1 Confirmed: A 5000mAh Large Battery Phone for Just $69.99!

Some of you readers will know the brand AllCall because of their successful AllCall W1 and AllCall W2 smartwatch lineup, but the Chinese manufacturer is actually a smartphone company, albeit we’ve haven’t see a new device for a while now. Well, that seems to change today as the they just ...

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Is AllCall Bringing a Full-Screen Phone Vivo NEX style?

The full-screen smartphone design is one of the market trends that’s here to stay. Almost every phone maker is trying their best to provide a real full-screen phone. This all began when Xiaomi initially launched the first MIX concept phone, after that we’ve seen the Essential Phone and then the ...

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Leica Dual Cameras? Not Enough – The AllCall S1 Might Come with Four Shooters

The Huawei P20 is one of the latest flagships coming from Chinese renown phone maker – Huawei. The smartphone has been positively received for its Leica Dual Camera, which according to the official statement from the brand “will even make the die-hard cameras fans fall in love with mobile photography”. ...

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Leaked: AllCall S1 to Come with a 5500mAh Battery, Just like the Xiaomi Max 3

Yesterday, the latest phablet from Xiaomi – the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 – was officially announced. The handset is characterized by its large screen and – probably more interesting for some – a massive 5500mAH battery. Closely following that, we now hear some rumors coming from AllCall that suggest the ...

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AnTuTu Released Top Android Smartphones List for June 2018

AnTuTu is not a benchmark only that provides scores for various smartphones. Its database and the top lists released every month may reflect the actual state. So once a new list or chart is released, we quickly take a look at them in order to understand what changed in the ...

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AnTuTu Top Performance Android List For June

Recently, major smartphone manufacturers have launched their flagship models. The most eye-catching phones are considered to be the Xiaomi Mi 8, VIVO NEX, and OPPO Find X. The former handset is the best device in terms of price-over-hardware ratio, while the latter two models are known for their innovative features ...

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Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Android Phones, According to Antutu

Benchmark platform Antutu runs a survey every month in which they ask Android users how satisfied are they with their current smartphone. And well, according to the latest report, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium from 2017 is still leading; let’s have a closer look! Let’s start by making some things ...

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AllCall MIX2 Already Sold 20000 Units During Presale (Ending Tomorrow)

After months of hyping, the AllCall MIX2 finally got on presale on May 7th. The smartphone is apparently doing very well since then with already over 20000 units being sold; a great achievement for the growing Chinese phone maker AllCall. The success of the AllCall MIX2 is probably due to ...

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