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The Dual-SIM iPhone will reportedly be a China exclusive

We’re only a month from knowing the next generation of Apple’s iPhone handsets. For that reason, the rumor mill is reaching its hottest spot. Last week we discovered, deep in the iOS code, some evidence regarding a Dual-SIM capable iPhone that would be unveiled this year. While some reports indicated ...

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Why are VPNs illegal in China?

Why VPNs are banned – political, censorship, monitorization. While China’s government has certainly tightened the grip on both inbound and outbound data, whether or not VPNs are actually illegal is a bit of a grey area. The truth is China has always had a troubled relationship with the rest of ...

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Best Broadband Deals in China

If you are planning on traveling to China, you will be encountering a few hiccups in a number of departments. Among them is the language barrier. If you aren’t familiar withMandarin the widely spoken language in the country, you may want to master it or even find a translator. However, ...

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Huawei’s Will Not be Affected by US-China Trade War According to Chairman

It’s no news that the United States and China are at loggerheads over trade restrictions. Huawei’s rotating chairman, Ken Hu, does not expect the telecommunications and smartphone maker to be affected by the increasing trade tensions between the two countries. The countries are going back and forth with fines like ...

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US To Lift ZTE’s Ban – Negotiations In Advance Stages

Well, technology enthusiasts knew that at some point this was going to happen. A trade war between China and the US is a disaster and there will be no winners, just chaos. In mid-April, the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security stated that ZTE violated the U.S. government’s ...

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Trump: US & China Working Together To Get ZTE Back To Business Fast

Last month, the United States Department of Commerce dropped the hammer on Chinese company, ZTE, for violating the terms of an Iran-related sanction violation case. The US banned all its companies from doing business with ZTE for seven years. ZTE pleaded guilty to selling and shipping US-made products and technology to Iran. ...

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Chinese Smartphone Makers Suffer Poor Shipment In Q1 2018

In recent times, we have seen a couple of interesting smartphones from Chinese manufacturers notably Huawei and Xiaomi. However, according to DigiTimes research, Chinese smartphone manufacturers are currently suffering a shipment decline by 1.2% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year. The top four Chinese manufacturers in terms of shipments ...

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Cook Meets Trump Amidst Reports Of A Possible Apple Ban In China

After the recent clamp-down on some Chinese companies notably Huawei and ZTE by the U.S. government, reports now have it that its Chinese counterpart may respond in the most extreme way by banning all Apple products from China citing “National Security”. If Apple is banned from China, the company has ...

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China May Ban The Sales Of Apple Products Due To “National Security”

The current brouhaha between the US government and Chinese tech giant, Huawei, could be taking a new twist and getting more interesting. Recent report suggests that the Chinese government could get itself involved. Recall that the US government recently banned the sales of Huawei and ZTE (both Chinese companies) products ...

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