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Report: Galaxy S9/S9 Plus were global best sellers in April 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 might be just an iterative upgrade over its predecessor but it is selling really well. At least in April 2018, says a Counterpoint report. The research firm published a Market Pulse April report that shows top ten best sellers across the globe. Remarkably, all ten spots ...

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Samsung Galaxy S9 4G+ Smart Edition To Sell For 5799 Yuan ($911)

Recently, Samsung launched the Burgundy Red Edition of its flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+. Now, the company has quietly released the Galaxy S9 4G+ Smart Edition through Jingdong. This 4G+ Smart Edition is basically the same as the regular version and the major change is that it customized for China Mobile. There is ...

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Some Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ users are having issues with Samsung Pay

With the Galaxy S9 duo set to properly hit the retail shelves later today, a new bug has rear its ugly head as a number of users of the unlocked version of the Galaxy S9 duo are reportedly having issues getting the getting Samsung Pay to work. According to complaints online from ...

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Galaxy S9 and S9+ European prices leaked days before launch

One of the most talked about and most expected smartphone of the season, the flagship Galaxy S9 duo is going to be pricier than we think if latest revelation is to be taken seriously. The Galaxy S9 is expected to come equipped the latest chips built on the second generation of ...

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Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ battery capacities revealed in fresh leaks

It’s just 3 weeks to the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S+ and it appears the rumors won’t stop coming in until the official launch date. At this point, there is hardly anything that hasn’t been leaked/revealed about the most anticipated smartphones to be unveiled at ...

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Brazil’s ANATEL reveals that Galaxy S9/S9+ will keep battery capacity from its predecessors

Another week starts, another leak for the highly anticipated, Samsung’s Flagships, is spotted online. Today the fresh leak comes from Brazilian Telecom Regulator ANATEL that divulged some information related to the battery cells that will be employed inside both Galaxy S9 and S9+. The certification issued by the regulatory agency ...

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Galaxy S9 To Come In February At MWC 2018 – DJ Koh

Samsung is known for releasing its flagship smartphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is usually the second major trade fair of the year. Despite this Samsung culture, there were reports that Samsung could release its flagship Galaxy S9 earlier than expected and some believe that it may surface at the ...

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Another alleged Galaxy S9 leak teases a reduced bottom bezel

Another week starts and another leak from the most anticipated Samsung flagship, Galaxy S9, surfaces online. While there are many of leaks photos and videos being shared as authentic leaks, this one seems more reliable. The picture above comes from a user on Reddit, in the low-resolution that suggests it ...

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