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iOS Lead Android In The United States

Globally, Android is no doubt the most popular operating system but its charity in the international scene does not begin at home. In its home country (the U.S.), it trails Apple’s iOS according to market analyst firm Mixpanel. The analysis by Mixpanel shows that Safari is the top mobile browser in 49 states ...

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Best Selling Smartphone OS For Q2 2018 – iOS Vs Android

Today, Kantar, a well-known market research agency, released the latest research report on the Q2 smartphone industry in 2018, detailing the differences in iOS and Android systems in different countries. The report shows that the iOS system performs best in the United States. Thanks to the continued strong sales of iPhone 8 ...

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Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is proud of its software in Android and iOS devices

Every year Microsoft holds a conference called Inspire to showcase the company’s plans for software for its partners. The last Inspire conference happened during the past week and one of the biggest apparition of this edition involved the company’s applications developed for Android and iOS. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella took ...

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Refurbished Android Phones Lack Performance, iPhones Miss Connectivity, Says Blancco

It’s no surprise that the smartphone market is dominated by the two giants, Android and iOS. While iOS powers a niche, Android is spread across a wide spectrum of devices. Mobile device repair analyst company, Blancco published a report on the refurbished phone market with the conclusion that refurbished Android ...

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RAMpage Attack is the newest concern of Android community

A new attack was discovered recently and can change what is stored in the Random Acess Memory (RAM) of your Android smartphone, ultimately leading a hacker to gain access to all data stored in the handset. This new attack is called RAMpage, for obvious reason, and can give access to ...

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Apple iPhones Switching to USB Type-C Interface in 2019

USB Type-C ports have slowly become the standard in Android phones and Windows laptops, and Apple has been doing the same on their lineup of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Where Apple are still stubborn though, is their mobile phones series. The Cupertino company is indeed still shipping iPhones with the ...

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Apple Releases The Last iOS 11.4.1 Beta

Last week at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event, the American company announced its new iOS 12 which comes with some amazing new features and updates. As for the devices that will get this update, all iPhones currently running on iOS 11 will be compatible and this update is scheduled to ...

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Android Users are More Loyal than iOS Users!

It’s a never-ending battle that has been fought since the inception of the smartphone: Android or iOS, which one’s better? From serious discussions to funny memes, both sides have been playing for years now! But according to a study, it seems that Android users are much more loyal to Android than ...

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Google Lens to roll out to more non-Pixel devices soon

Google today announced that its image-recognition AI called Google Lens will now work on more Android devices. The service is still in an experimental phase and it is integrated into Google Assistant. However, the Google Photos app on the Pixels also currently support it. Google has now confirmed that the ...

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