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Rugged Vernee V2 Pro in the works as a clone of the Samsung S9 Active

We have seen the first rugged Vernee device the V2 during the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, but seems like there is yet another rugged phone in their pipeline to be released soon. And the upcoming Vernee V2 Pro will this time be pretty much resembling the planned Samsung S9 Active, ...

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Rugged OUKITEL WP5000 gets an official unboxing video

Global presales for the new rugged model OUKITEL WP5000 are finally here in several online stores and from April 17th to April 24th you can find it for a $269.99 price for example on the Banggood e-shop. And today the makers also released an official unboxing video as a part ...

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Rugged LEAGOO XRover launching next month + full specs released

LEAGOO is on the roll recently and seems like that they are primed to release yet another new phone model very soon. We have seen plenty of the new phones from them at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, but this should be something else and special. Because the leaked LEAGOO ...

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First rugged waterproof 5.7-inch 18:9 smartphone with a 4800mAh battery

Avenir Telecom, under the renowned Energizer® brand, presents their first rugged waterproof smartphone, boasting a 5.7′-inch 18:9 display and a 4800mAh battery for unprecedented lasting power. The handset is named Energizer® Hardcase H570S; let’s learn more about it! Energizer® are also looking for more international distributors, If interested, contact them at contact@energizeyourdevice.com More powerful than ...

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Energizer® ENERGY E20 – The Ergonomic & Easy To Use Flip Phone

Flip phones always have a soft spot in our hearts even after the advent of the more functional smartphones. Avenir Telecom and famous battery manufacturer Energizer® know that and that’s why they worked together to release the Energizer® ENERGY E20. An ergonomically designed flip phone incorporating a large-button keypad for ...

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Energizer® HARDCASE H240S – The World’s 1st 4G Rugged Bar Phone

French phone manufacturer Avenir Telecom in partnership with Energizer® have just announced the launch of the Energizer® HARDCASE H240S, the 1st 4G rugged bar phone in the world; a powerful and resistant compact device with 4G connectivity, a large 2000mAh capacity battery and a beautiful 2.4-inch QVGA display. Let’s check ...

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Watch: Will the NOMU S10 Pro Survive 5 hours in Frozen Water and Coke?

While the iPhone might generally be one of the best device for the average Joe, not everybody has the same needs. Some people need more durable phones because of their jobs or activities they like doing in their free time. In that case a NOMU rugged phone, more specifically the ...

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Watch: NOMU S10 Pro Rugged Phone Beer Crash Test

If you’re a really active person, always outdoors or you just have a tough job where your smartphone could get easily damaged, then rugged phones are a pretty good solution. One of the best all-around devices is the NOMU S10 Pro, made by the company specialized in creating rugged phone ...

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ZOJI Z8 Selected as AliExpress Top Pick – Now going for just $158.21

Phone manufacturer specialized in rugged devices – ZOJI – recently launched the ZOJI Z8 back. The handset has now been selected by the giant online retailer AliExpress as a “Top Pick” choice on their Tech Discovery part of the website. Thanks to that, we’ll be seeing the ZOJI Z8 drop ...

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DTNO.I Vphone A11 Rugged Phone Announced, Presales will start at $25.99

Notorious Chinese smartwatch maker – NO.1 – has just announced their fourth ever mobile phone, namely called DTNO.I Vphone A11. The handset is of the rugged kind and it can even be used as a power bank if you so desire; let’s have a closer look! The DTNO.I Vphone A11 is a ...

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