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Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro (6GB/128GB) Only 232.39€ (Shipped from Germany)

The Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro is still one of the best phones on the market you can get below $300. Well, today you’ll be able to get it for much less and shipped from within Europe from the Tomtop online store . Let’s learn a bit more about the smartphone ...

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Lenovo to Resurrect The ZUK Mobile Brand

Lenovo has been focusing on making and promoting laptops mainly. But back in 2015, the company started designing phones with the ZUK brand. Though there were a few awesome models carrying this brand and ZUK was able to win customers’ hearts with no efforts, they didn’t sell well in comparison ...

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Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro surprisingly receives Android 8.0 Oreo

The ZUK, Lenovo’s sub-brand debuted back in 2015 as the company’s bet to rivalize in the flagship directly in the most affordable high-grade phones specially the ones coming from OnePlus and Xiaomi. However the excellent line of smartphones saw its early death a few months ago, Lenovo’s excuse was the ...

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – November 2017

If you didn’t get carried away with Chinese 11.11 Single’s Day crazy sales and you’re still looking for a great mid-range phone, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading as we’ll be listing the top 5 smartphones for under $200 – November edition! 1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X The ...

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Legendary ZUK Z1 with CyanogenOS selling almost for peanuts

Older flagship models are sometimes still the better choice to get than some current low-end devices, especially when the price is more or less the same. But the value is of course still on the side of the former titans, just like in case of the legendary ZUK Z1, which ...

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – October 2017

Just like every month we’re back yet again with another top Chinese smartphones for under $200 list – which is probably the most interesting price segment. In October’s list we aren’t going to see too many surprises as most smaller phone manufacturers seem to have focused completely on Samsung S8 ...

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $200 – September 2017

As always, after our top 5 Chinese smartphones under $100 list, comes the one featuring the best devices you can get for less than $200. In the top 5 of this month you’ll find some new entries and a few older glories. Keep reading to find your next mid-range phone! ...

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones Under $200 – August 2017

Welcome back to our monthly rendezvous with the best smartphones China has to offer. August sets the arrive of new handsets with the now spreading MediaTek Helio P25 chipset and few other older glories. If you’re looking for a great smartphone for under $200, then keep reading! Top 5 Chinese Smartphones ...

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Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for Under $500 – July 2017

Coming after the under $100 and $200 top 5 lists we’ve already released, we now check out what is pretty much the best China has to offer as far as smartphones go, a.k.a. the top 5 best Chinese phones under $500; let’s have a look! Top 5 Chinese Smartphones for ...

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